Whistler - Week 1


Hey everyone, this past Tuesday was our first day of sliding for the 2016-2017 season! We are opening the season in Whistler, B.C. This is the fastest track in the world and it sure is showing us that this week. Hitting a blistering 152.3km/h in 4 man and 149.5km/h in 2 man already in week one of sliding! I am using a new 2 man sled this year and I've decided to name it "Bear". Its name comes from one of the black bears that wanders around the track. I thought it was a sign seeing a bear right after my first run of the season on my ride back to the top. Here is a quick video of Tim and I pushing off on day two in our new sled! 

After 3 successful days with the two man we switched to 4 man. The track crew in Whistler has had the track in amazing condition all week. On our first day of 4 man, we had 2 solid runs and it was the first time our crew has pushed together all season. Day two we had some even quicker ice conditions and all of our runs were quicker than the previous day. We had some good pushes and the driving is improving every day to get ready for our first races of the season next Friday and Saturday. Check in next week as I'll be putting up some more footage and be making another post leading up to our first race! 


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