Lake Placid & Park City World Cup Races

WORLD CUP #1 - Lake Placid, New York
Due to extremely warm temperatures, the track was in rough condition and couldn’t handle the high volume of bobsleds. As a result, the decision was made to cancel the 4 man race and do two 2 man races instead. The men's field had 28 competitive sleds. We had a crash on day one of training and the second run that day was cancelled due to poor track conditions. Everyone was ok, a little bruised and sore, but we were determined to come back strong the next day! We came back the second day and had some good quality runs. We went into day three (final day) of training and had one good run but once again they had to cancel the final run due to poor ice conditions. We felt confident heading into the two races. During the first race we had some fast pushes and some decent runs down the track. We finished in 13th place and secured some solid points towards qualifying for the Olympic Games. The next day, we had better runs and finished 12th. After the rough start to the week with the crash, we ended up racing well. We fell just short of our goal of a top ten finish in Placid, but we are looking forward to improving our results this upcoming week as we travel to Park City, Utah for two 4 man races. The races will take place
this Friday and Saturday!


Your Support has been amazing!

I just wanted to touch base with you in a more personal way and give you some updated information on my path to Qualifying for the Winter Olympic Games in South Korea! I'm going to try and keep you updated on a bi weekly basis over the next few months leading into February.

Firstly, I just wanted to take a second to thank you for your support. You have made this season possible for my team and me as we have everything we need to be successful on this road. All we need to do is focus on performance and that's what is most important for us. The road definitely will have its challenges, but we are ready for them. If you have any questions at all, please email me personally at


The 4 Man Squad

This week we have a double 4 man World Cup race on Friday and Saturday in Park City, Utah. We have had some awesome runs down the track and some really fast push times! The team is super excited to race, and is looking to improve our results from Lake Placid. These races are crucial for gaining points to qualify our sled for the Winter Olympics. Here is a look at our team racing this week!


Cam Stones
Whitby, Ontario
3rd Season
Previous Sport: Rugby
Position: Left Side


Derek Plug
Calgary, Alberta
7th Season
Previous Sport: Hockey
Position: Brakeman


Josh Kirkpatrick
London, Ontario
4th Season
Previous Sport:
Track and Field
Position: Right


Nick Poloniato
Hamilton, Ontario
5th Season
Previous Sport:
Position: Pilot

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